Luxury 3 wick candle packed full of gorgeousness. Exactly as you’d imagine, a fresh blue spruce Christmas tree with notes of juniper and spearmint which has a divine core of sweet blackcurrant, and snow covered cedar which gives it a dash of woody undertones.


Our 3 wick’s come beautifully packaged making these an amazing gift for a loved one, or a self-care treat to you, from you!


The perfect table centre piece for those special moments and cosy dinners.


450ml of goodness with up to 40 hours burn time.

Luxury 3 Wick - Christmas Tree

  • Before you start to enjoy your deliciously scented candle, please ensure that the wick is trimmed (to 5mm) and looking neat and tidy, each and every time, before lighting. This will allow you to get the most burn time out of your candles, allowing you to enjoy them for longer. We do also sell Wick Trimmers if you need one.


    When lit for the first time, please also ensure that you allow the candle to burn for approximately 2 hours so that there is an even wax melt pool. Finally, we advise that you do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. Please note, with the 3 wick candles, because the jars a tapered, do not panic if you do not have an even wax melt pool after the first burn – the second burn should melt any leftover wax.


    Finally, due to the change in temperatures from being in transit, the candles may not have perfect glass adhesion. This is absolutely nothing to worry about as it does not affect the candle what so ever in terms of its scent or burn.


    Made here in Devon, in the UK.

  • Please note that dispatch times for your order are between 1-3 days at present. However, as always we will endeavour to get your order sent out as quickly as possible.